MVT Is the New Black

Mapbox Vector Tiles (MVT) are becoming more and more popular. Projects like Geoserver, tessera and recently Carto support them.

We recreate our ”classic” map of 3d Bogota using vector tiles served by Geoserver and Carto.

First of all our “classic” map using Carto’s raster tiles:

Bogota 3D : Carto Raster Tiles

Now a Mapbox GL map using MVTs dynamically generated by Carto:

Mapbox Vector Tiles : Carto and Mapbox GL

And finally a Mapbox GL map using MVTs generated by Geoserver / Postgis / Geowebcache :

Mapbox Vector Tiles : Geoserver and Mapbox GL

There are endless possibilities for client side rendering using Vector tiles.
Probably it is a good time to migrate your “old school” raster WMS / WMTS to MVT.

Web Cartography, Web Mapping, gkudos, vector tiles

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