Uploading File Geodatabases to CartoDB Using QGIS

File Geodatabase (.gbd) is now a very common format in the professional GIS world but it is a proprietary data format created by ESRI.

The file geodatabase format has emerged as a very common format for storing and exchanging spatial data, particularly considering that it allows for the storage of multiple data layers, and that it allows for the storage of data layers that exceed the limits of other specifications *.

Probably you’ve ever wondered, is it possible to work with File Geodatabases using open source software like CartoDB?

Although File Geodatabase format it is not supported by CartoDB Import API it is possible to upload those data layers to CartoDB using QGIS. (QGIS works with all vector formats supported by GDAL including the OpenFileGDB driver )

(For the following example we are going to use a Bogota’s fgdb published by IDECA )

To open a geodatabase in QGIS be sure to choose Add vector layer, Source Type = Directory and source should be either OpenFileGDB or ESRI FileGDB. Then just browse to the *.gdb folder of choice, press Open and the layers will be loaded into your Table of Contents. *

Select the layers of interest. (In our example Loca (Localities of Bogotá) and Muni (Counties of Colombia))

Click the button “Upload layers to CartoDB” from. CartoDB plugin toolbar.

Choose the layers from your QGIS project that you want to upload to CartoDB and click Upload

Wait until the import process is completed (It could take a while for big layers)

Now your data is available on CartoDB!

Easy, No programming or desktop software licences required!

Happy Mapping!

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