From Raster Data to Vector Maps Using Arcgis Desktop and CartoDB

It is a common task task for GIS analysts to convert a raster dataset to polygon features.

This type of analysis can be used in research fields as diverse as soils, archeology, crops, etc.

The following tutorial will show you how to create a simple geoprocessing model to convert raster datasets to beautiful vector web maps using Arcgis Desktop, CartoDB Toolbox and CartoDB Editor.

You can download the raster layer that is used in the example from here (originally published in geoserver’s documentation, it contains elevation data for a fictional world)


The following model can be created with “Model Builder”. It uses the “Raster to Polygon” tool from Arcgis and the CartoDB Toolbox.


(The model it is too simple, but you get the idea :) )

Once the execution of the model ends , your data is automatically published in cartodb.


The CartoDB Editor is a dashboard that contains your datasets and your maps. Using CartoDB Editor you can easily create beautiful and interactive web maps.


You can see the live map here:

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