CartoDB Toolbox : Import Data From Arcgis Desktop to CartoDB

OK, yes, we know: sometimes GIS work needs help from desktop tools. Complex geoprocessing, validation, editing workflows and automation are some of the common tasks that the advanced “classic” GIS specialist performs every day.

There are choices like QGIS, but it is a fact that “Most people” know ESRI software, and most people who’ve heard of GIS think of ESRI”

Dear ESRI user, this is for you: Now you can give some love to your data using Arcgis for desktop and CartoDB.

With CartoDB Toolbox you can upload data from ArcMap or ArcCatalog to CartoDB.

You can use the import tool like any other toolbox, you just need your user name, api key and feature classes to upload:

And Voila! Your data is now available on CartoDB

“Advanced” Usage

You can also use CartoDB Toolbox in model builder.

For example, this model clips features using a buffer. The geoprocessing results are automatically uploaded to CartoDB.

Original data:

Clipped features uploaded to CartoDB:


You can install the CartoDB Toolbox using the instructions available at the official Github Repository


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