Using ArcGIS Online Basemaps Inside CartoDB

If your organization uses Arcgis Online or if you like to use the freely available basemaps and reference layers published by ESRI inside CartoDB, you can do following these easy steps:

Note: Your basemap must use the ESRI Web Mercator projection ( ESRI:102100)

From any map in your CartoDB Editor, click “Select basemap” and then “Yours [+]” to initiate step one of your visualization:

Next, you’ll click “XYZ” input option

In the following example we are going to use the “World Imagery” map available at

To use the map in the previous link, add the following pattern to the end of the url:


For example:

Original URL:


URL with XYZ pattern:


Cut and paste the link from there back to the form in CartoDB, and “Add basemap”.

Voilà!. Now your ArcGIS Online Basemap is available in CartoDB

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