Transform Websites Into Maps Using CartoDB and (No Coding Skills Necessary)

You can easily create maps from webpages using and CartoDB.

You can turn this:

into this:

In just a few steps:

A. Get Structured Data from Webpages using allows you to structure the data you find on webpages into rows and columns, using simple point and click technology.

To get structured data from any site simply:

  1. Download and install the app from the homepage!

  2. Open the app from your applications folder.

  3. Login (or create an account if you haven’t already).

  4. Select “+ New Data Source”.

  5. Navigate to the page your data is located on.

  6. Create an extractor using

  1. Open the Extractor in a Dataset

B. Import data into Google Sheets with import·io

C. Create real-time maps from data anywhere on the web using CartoDB

CartoDB’s Synced tables allows you to point your account at any supported file format available on the web and have CartoDB sync to that data keeping it real-time forever. With a synced table you can create maps, design multilayer visualizations, and publish maps to the world. When the data changes on the external site, your CartoDB maps will update to show those changes live!

With CartoDB you can Sync spreadsheets from Google Drive or Dropbox

D. Enjoy